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Create Your Style Statement With Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch For Women By Calley

Women Watches are as important as shoes, handbags and accessories they are truly an investment that will make your attire look more elegant even if you are going for a simple look. They make a fashion statement by expressing class and elegance. However, choosing a watch to invest in can be overwhelming, whether you're looking for the ultimate status symbol or a sentimental patrimony.

Nowdays, cutting-edge technology has crafted watches that are both chic and classy perfect for every occasion and every mood that fits you the best.

But finding your perfect women's watch can be a tricky pursuit. Worry not we have collected the perfect mesh watches for women by Calley, this season to cater to absolutely everyone's needs.

Attires You Should Wear With Rose Gold Mesh Watch

It depends upon your style statement and about your personality. Most of the ladies prefer styling rose gold mesh watches with formal clothes. And some prefer it wearing with black dresses for date nights. These watches also works best for gatherings and special occasions. We all know Rose gold watches are style statement piece that can be seen at every women's closet. 

Our Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women by Calley are specially customized for those women who always keep their fashion game on point.

Jewellery To Pair Watch With

Who don't love jewellery? Well every women is fond of jewellery and have different jewellery for every occasion and every outfit even for every mood. What if we pair jewellery with watches. Yes you heard it right. Jewellery makes your attire look more presentable and classy adding your own mark to style statement.

Adding too much jewellery will not look good. Try to keep it simple yet elegant. A pair of gold earrings will look perfect with rose gold mesh watch. You can style it with rings by wearing rings on opposite hand, it will give you aesthetic look.

There are different colors available in jewellery as well. Too much of gold will not look good. Try out silver, platinum and diamond to balance out the style game.

Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women by Calley can be paired with any type of  jewellery. Golden studded earrings will be perfect. Silver bracelets or bangle bands can be worn with these watches for any occasion or public gatherings. You can style these watches with gold chains for parties or events as well.

Style Watches According To Your Moods

Yes you heard it right! You can now style watches according to your moods as well. Whether it be shopping mood or party mood. Watches can never go wrong when it comes to style them depending on your moods. Watches act as a style statement during these days without speaking a word.

With our Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women by Calley is perfect for every kind of your mood. You can wear it for shopping and even for sunday brunch. Rose gold mesh watches never fails to impress your style statement.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Watch

In last decades wrist watches has become more and more popular among both men and women. Without watches whole look is incomplete. It has been a necessity in today's world to wear a watch. It is not possible for everyone to look into mobile-phones for noting time. So here are some points too consider before buying a watch.


Before deciding what attire to pair with your watch it is important to consider, does this watch suits my skin tone. It is very important to choose watch according to your skin tone to make it look more flattering on you.

If your are warm tone person then rose gold color will be perfect for you. Our Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women by Calley will look gorgeous on your shade.

If you are cool skin tone person gold color will go perfect for you. We also have other collection of golden watches available at Calley.


Never compromise with the quality of the material. Always go for those watches that are flexible and soft fit to wear to avoid rashes around your wrist.The material of the watch takes your style to next level. Go with stainless steel material as it will keep your product fresh for years.

The Dial

For a women the dial should not be too big, it should go with your wrist  size. We at Calley conducted a survey for our Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women and found that most women prefer watches with not so big dial. Keeping this in mind watches should become a graceful detail to women’s outfit.


There are different types of straps to choose from. Since women prefer different outfits there should be interchangeable straps to fit all the situations. If you are a person who prefer having watches with bracelet bands then go for mesh material strap it would look more elegant on your wrist.

Calley Elegant Emerald Mesh Watch for women have rose gold strap which will suit your any attire and with  every situation.