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Take Your Wrist Fashion To The Next Level With These Calley Watches

To all my fellow watch collectors out there, as you know we live in this golden era where style and comfort go hand in hand. And from the moment these fashionable women's watches have been released, these silk strap white dial watches, perhaps simply by dint of its name, became the most famous one.

Although nowadays, we simply need to glance at our smartphones to tell the time, there is still no denying the elegance and refinement that a wrist watch brings. Not to mention the prestige that comes with wearing a luxury watch. Quality craftsmanship with timeless demeanor inspired by these stylish watches for women are exactly what a lady desires to suit any occasion, outfit or event. These are not mere pretty faces, but they’re actual time telling devices that are fueled by top notch mechanisms and movements.

Spectacular Pieces of Accessory For Your Queenly Aura

If you are starting your obsession with quality timepieces, then ladies, you have come to the right place! Who doesn’t want to add colors to their fashion quotient? And when it is combined with comfort, then it becomes the most magical accessory of your life. It is a fantastic watch if you’re one who appreciates grace and sophistication. This watch series is home to some of the most desirable & stylish watches for women in the watch market.

stylish watches for women

We, at Calley, have featured these crafty, well dressed and contemporary, one of the top stylish watches for women that you can get for your mother, sister, or all the special females in your life. Uniquely designed to adorn all your special occasions. 

Expression of Personality With Color filled Fun & Stylish Timepieces

We know that most women tempt to own more than one colored watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit and grace any occasion. From the beach to a backyard barbecue, a colorful watch is a great way to celebrate the season. It's a small yet powerful accessory that can build your get-up.

So, Our Calley Color Studio line has a variety of playful and stylish watches for women. We here to fulfil you with that desire and ensure harmony between your clothes and your watch. Already thinking of investing in these great accessories? Click here to add them in your watch wardrobe. 

Golden Yellow- Everlasting For All Events

Now, if you look at this stunning golden yellow watch, it will mute any objections from conservative observers as this will go with all the events.

Such a watch would not be appropriate at a fine-dining event. This one serves as great conversation pieces and make you memorable.

Green- Your Eternal Luxury Watch

Looking for more luxury with your colorful watch? Perhaps green is right for you! A good way to wear this watch is to incorporate similar color in your clothing.

A splash of the same vibrant hue as you have on your wrist can create a wonderfully balanced combination and seamlessly integrate your colorful watch into your overall style.

Black- Perfect Timeless Business watch

Still searching for an upscale way to display your love of color? Well, black color can be accessorized with formal suiting. You can go with a classic and straightforward styled.

black watches for women Also, dressing with complementary colors is also advisable can be a great way to have fun with a lively timepiece. 

Blue- Business Casual 

Blue has poise, style, and a posture that grabs everyone’s attention. This is the power of this wristwatch, ladies!


Purple- Your Casual Wear Accessory

It's almost suitable for any purpose with a combination of jeans, a chambray shirt, and dress boots.

purple watches for women

This can be an excellent option for women who own shoes in different colors.

However, you select your colorful watch, there is really only one thing to remember — have fun. You’ve chosen to share some of your carefree spirit with the world by showing it on your wrist, so you may as well enjoy it.

Key Elements- Chic, Colorful & Comfortable!  

Is a classic timepiece that has all the required features that a woman looks for in a watch. It displays a concoction of qualities. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Design that binds together and enhances the Whole Look

Firstly, this famous model from the Calley collection is specially made for all those sophisticated ladies who desire something different.

On the modern front, the watch presents a white dial of 40mm, and a nylon strap material to provide care and comfort for your wrist. Calley, has chosen a more contemporary, all white aesthetic for the dials. Everything about this rendition seems extremely graceful and regal.

2. Gifting Purpose- Your Hunt Ends Here as We've Got You All Covered

This watch can be best for gifting! Just imagine the smile on her face when you present her with the watch. Simply wholesome!

Buying a gift for good ol’ mum can be a tricky job. You want to nail it so perfectly that there are no spaces for doubt or second thoughts. And of course, you need to make the person you are buying the gift is happy.

3. For any day , for any occasion!

It is a must-have watch with an elegant yet simple style. The pristine white color dial allows you to match it with an outfit of any color. It will go with partywear or even your formal white shirt. Shop for this affordable watch today and flaunt it with pride with any of your dress.

4. One heck of a classy timepiece

Further, the quality and reliability of Calley is reflected in this model along with its elegant chic looks. It is to own. The watch has a effortless design and a seamless aesthetic and one of the most reliable watches launched by Calley. You can invest in these and have them for many years. Moreover, you could even pass it down to your kids and grandkids as we're sure they would love to have it too!

5. Five colors to style with

As different colors symbolizes different personalities, so, keeping that in perspective, Calley has launched this watch with 5 exquisite and lively-spirited color shades. The long-held notion that girls prefer only pink doesn't hold any truth anymore. We have taken extra care about the fact that women loves to flaunt in varied colors, and why not? Why just chose single color when we are offering you more than one?

6. Prevents from developing odor & funk

Lastly, it helps protect your wrist from irritation and any kind of allergies due to sweat & watch band material. Thereby, significantly increasing the overall longevity of the wrist watch. And offcourse, it increases comfort and improves fit of your watch.

Wrapping it Up

An elegant and timeless watch can be seen as an investment and should be present among every women, to compliment their stylish, office as well as casual looks. With their timelessness, these stylish watches for women have never felt more right and trendy than they do today. We have carefully crafted these watches, with unique designs, both style and function. Search on our website for your next favorite watch.