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The Ultimate Guide to Felis Leo Watch- An Era of Leopard Print Trend

This came from the oldest trend of wearing animal prints whether it be clothes, boots, bags, or even watches. Animal print has always been in fashion. This trend is something that never goes out of fashion. With the passing years, it’s becoming bigger and better. Leopard print is one of the classic combinations that have been ruling the fashion industry since the beginning. 


Felis leo watch by calley

We all have thought of paring leopard print shoes, bags, and belts but have you ever thought of styling a leopard print watch? Yes, you heard it right. 

We will be giving you some tips and tricks to style Felis Leo Watch from our collection Calley India. 

Be a Part of Leopard Print Trend

Leopard print are ruling the fashion industry for so many years. It has been a huge part of the fashion scene. They are versatile and classic if talked about them. From the streets and catwalks of the fashion capital to the happening bars, restaurants, and leopard print is one of the looks that is defining years. Clearly, leopard print is trending for years so our advice is to make sure you are part of that trend!

3 Ways to Style Felis Leo Watch

  1. You can style the watch with Bangle Bands. Golden and silver bangle bands will work.
  2. Felis Leo Watch can be paired with rings as well. Statement rings or engagement rings will also go with the watch.
  3. Classic shirt with blue or black jeans paired with boots and Felis Leo Watch will look good.

Create Own Style Statement With Watch

Fashion isn’t about what you wear, it's about how you wear it. You can choose anything from the market, what if it doesn’t suit your personality? The most important thing that matters is to wear everything with confidence.

Felis leo watch

Watches have always been worn as a sign of self-confidence. You can style Felis Leo Watch with any attire and with any kind of makeup.

Pairing With Jewellery

Jewllery is something that makes every outfit look good. Whether it be gold, silver, platinum, or even diamond. When it comes to pairing a watch with jewellery it can never go wrong. Wearing too much gold or any kind of jewllery will go out of fashion. 

Try Felis Leo Watch with a gold and silver bangle band or even a gold bracelet. You can pair it according to the occasion. If you are going for a formal meeting then a golden or silver band will be perfect. For family gatherings and events you can layer it with the bracelet as well.

3 Reasons to Wear Leopard Print Watch This Winter 

As winters are coming watches act as a style trend. Watches are something every individual owns. Watches have always been part of everyone’s wardrobe either men or women. These days watches are trendsetters for every event or gathering.

  1. We all love long coats and jackets during winter. Why not style them with some statement watches like a leopard print watch?
  2. Long boots are something that every woman craves. Leopard print watches can act as a personal favorite watch for styling them with boots.
  3. Hand gloves are a must-have thing during winter. You can pair a leopard print watch with gloves as well. These watches can be worn outside the gloves. It will never look odd. This is the latest trend women are following lately.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Leopard print Watch


Leopard print watches come in different shades from silver to golden and even neutral colors. So make sure these shades fit your skin texture. Some watches have different contrast levels.

Felis leo collection

Always know what is your skin shade and which color fits you best. It will help you pick the right shade.

Calley India has two different colors available from the collection Felio Leo Watch.

 Pattern Styles

This is usually more of a personal preference, but is the leopard print style more like the natural leopard print you’d find on an actual leopard? There is for sure a leopard print that will work for everyone whether you’re a leopard newbie or love a bolder leopard print!


Is the leopard print large or small? This should always be taken into notice. Is the pattern sparse or more spread out? This thing will totally depend on your personality. If you have a bold personality then a large print will go.

Felis leo watch

If your personality is more like an introvert, then the small print will be perfect for you.

Style Confessions - Leopard Watch

  • If you are looking for an accessory that has more of a dress watch style then a leopard print watch may be the watch for you. It is minimalist in style with a leopard print white dial, white case, and golden as well as silver mesh strap. 
  • Although this watch is subtle in style, it will make an elegant finishing touch to any formal outfit. The silver shade of this watch means that it can be styled with a variety of different watches within your wardrobe.
  • This print adds texture to different types of clothes from casual to formal. This watch is a perfect combination of a bracelet look and a watch.
  • If you are a person who loves to style nails every month. Then this print is the best option to opt for. It will go with any kind of nail art you are up to. From neutral shade, to bold red everything will go with it.

Final Thoughts

The last and Final recommendation is that leopard print watches are something that never goes out of fashion. As years are passing leopard print fashion is blooming in the fashion industry and it getting better with the years.