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An Introduction to Modern Day Watches

Watches are convenient timepieces used to measure time. In past, watches were kept as decorative items or simply carried in pockets. But in modern times they are used as an accessory to complete the look.

It’s not about perfect makeup or clothes, the utmost accessory counts to that perfect look. Wearing a watch can never go out of fashion. Nowadays watches have become must-have accessories. Besides that, it adds up to your personality.

Watch as Fashion Accessory

There can be a couple of reasons for wearing a watch on the wrist. For some women wearing a watch can be a mood and for some, it can be a symbol of class and character. However, watches can change the look of your outfit. If you are going for a simple outfit an elegant watch paired with a bangle band will change your whole personality.

Today’s trend is more toward gold and rose gold mesh watches. Every women's accessory is incomplete without these watches.

Whether the festive season is around or you are planning for a party, watches can add style to your status.

Depending on your fashion taste you can wear watches with leather straps and even with mesh straps. They both will look good with every cloth dwelled up with.

You can create you own fashion statement wearing watches.

Watches for Different Occasions

Are you looking for watches that will go with your certain dress code? Well, we can help you with that!


If you are going for formal wear then a gold and silver watch with a mesh strap or leather strap will work wonders. The watch dial can be small or big depending on your personality and wrist size. The shape of the dial can be round, oval, or rectangular. The oval watch with silver color will be the best choice. For that glamorous look with a formal, a bangle band with gemstones will also look good.


If you are going out for a party, wearing bodycon dress or leather pants then you can go with watches that glams up your party look.

Try one of Calley’s Bumble Bee, Timelapse, and Vintage square watches inspired by party animals out there. You can find them in mesh as well as in leather bands. Another option can be Srunchie for women wearing white color combination.


If you are planning Sunday lunch with friends or family then a contemporary watch will go. Classic watches with pastel colors and big round dials will go perfectly with any outfit you wear. Matching straps with a matching dial will make you look casual, perfect for gatherings.


Are you a gym freak? Tired of wearing smartwatches? Well, we have an option for you as well!

Watches with leather bands will make you look sporty. The dial should be round and big as it will suit your gym personality. Try out Delilah by Calley for that perfect gym look. If you are a participant in a sport these watches will also go with that thing as well.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Watch

  1. Watches depict your style and class. Watches say a lot about your personality and status. The watches you wear show the level of elegance and attitude you carry. It also tells your fashion taste and what type of person you are.
  2. Watch can work as communicator between two persons. If a person starts noticing your watch and suddenly compliments about the watch it can work as communicator for both of you.
  3. Watches tell people the story behind the success and confidence you possess. It is said that a person wearing a watch represents how organized, dependable and disciplined he/she is.
  4. Watches can be a part of the investment. If you love wearing and buying watches can be a long-term investment. Good care can make your watch last long.  
  5. Watches can work as an accessory for your outfit. If you are a fashion influencer or style creator then watches are made for you. Dwelled with jewellery and bands will make your wrist look beautiful.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch


The most important part before buying a watch is its design. There are wide varieties of designs present in the market. You can choose any of them depending on your taste and style.

Consider the Brand 

For some women, brand name is a must. Watch brand has always been a symbol of status and class. If you are ready to spend a good amount of money on a branded watch then you can go for it.

Focus on Budget

When it comes to watches it is very important to decide the budget before buying one. You should know how important is a good watch for you?  Will this watch work good for me?

Well, it all depends on how much you are ready to spend.

Parting Thoughts

Since historic times, watches have also been an important part of accessories. You can never go wrong when buying a watch. Whether it be an office party or business meeting, watches will always make you look outstanding and confident. Every woman is fond of wearing watches. When going shopping watch is also wishlisted there.

Choose a watch that defines your style and your outfit.